After 9 years of research, the impossible made possible.

REGENERATE Enamel Science™ is the first oral care regime powered by the breakthrough NR-5™ technology where science and beauty unite. Build the REGENERATE Enamel Science™ Regime into your oral care routine and future proof your smile.


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Diagnosis, prevention and care

This CPD programme aims to provide dental professionals with a detailed understanding of: Enamel composition and erosive tooth wear; Prevalence of erosive tooth wear; The importance and need for diagn...

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Introduction to tooth wear

This module is one of a series. Here, you will be presented with: Introduction to erosive tooth wear; Multifactorial Aetiology; A guide to recording enamel wear in practice; REGENERATE Enamel Science ...

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Enamel Erosion

This module is a one of a series and aims to provide dental professionals with a detailed understanding of: An Introduction to Enamel Erosion; The Process of Enamel Erosion; The Importance and Need Fo...

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This module aims to provide dental professionals with a detailed understanding of diagnosing erosive tooth wear. You will cover the following: Erosive Tooth Wear; Enamel Erosion; The BEWE; Clinical Ca...

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